Working with Letting Agents in Bristol

When we started our business at Super Clean Bristol, we primarily carried out domestic cleaning and were working directly with landlords. This taught us a lot as you quickly learn what is expected of you in terms of levels of service. We have expanded our team and now work with a number of leading letting agencts across the city. We take great pride in our work and know the high standards expected of us at all times, but especially when we are representing your business as one of your contractors. We’ve found that the combination of our core values are very helpful to letting agents and landlords.

We are local

The founders of Super Clean Bristol, Leigh, and Rosy are both Bristol born and bred. This means we have an intimate local knowledge of our city and the positive and friendly Bristol vibe to match! As our team are based in different locations across Bristol, it means that we are available to attend cleans which need turning around at short notice. Usually, we’ll be able to attend the property within 24 hours which will help to ensure that the property can be ready to become someone’s home in no time at all.

We are trustworthy

We’ve been told that finding contractors who simply do what they say they’re going to do is really hard. This is something that we’ve always worked really hard to achieve. If we say we’re going to complete a job, we will; and if for any reason there is any discrepancy with the cleaning, a second visit to resolve this is no problem.

As landlords ourselves we understand how important it is to know that your property is in safe hands. It’s the little things like returning the keys to the letting agent as agreed that make the difference, we find. Or calling in advance if any plans change so that everyone involved knows what’s happening and when. 

We’re reliable

A quick and honest service is what we provide, from answering the phone and returning all calls quickly, to sending off invoices in time. A number of letting agents have told us what works and doesn’t work for them and this kind of feedback is key to us providing the best possible service. We’ve been told that response times and thoroughness of the clean itself are most important. Afterall, following the clean, somebody is moving in to their new home and will expect a certain standard.

And we’re friendly

Our cleaners are all interviewed, vetted and trained, however one of the most important traits we look for is that our cleaners are friendly. Whether dealing with the letting agent, the landlord or the tenants, we’re be happy to discuss what we’re doing and agreed schedule of works  the schedule of agreed works; and with a smile on our faces, too!

We will always go the extra mile to ensure that our service is one that meets your expectations every time. To start working with us get in touch today!

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