Void Property Cleaning

void property cleaning bristol

What is a Void Property?

Super Clean Bristol are experienced in bringing properties on the brink of no return back to life. It’s in void properties that we see and experience some of the most extreme situations we face. A void property is usually one which has become dilapidated and filthy due to misuse due to a number of possible reasons. This leaves the landlord, housing association or council to pick up the (usually many) pieces.

Void Property Cleaning is on a similar wavelength to end of tenancy cleaning and thus one of our specialities. The conditions can be pretty intense. We often see this when a tenant leaves without anyone knowing, squatters move in or where a drug laboratory has been closed down. The cycle begins of bringing the property back begins when the property becomes empty again. When attending void properties to quote for the level of cleaning needed; we are often faced with sharps, rats, flies and piles to the sky of rubbish and recyclable material.

How can Super Clean Bristol help?

Once the property has been cleared of any hazards and waste, we can get started with the cleaning. We are able to remove all waste (including food, recycling, general,  needles etc) from the property quickly, discreetly, and as sustainably as is possible. The most effective cleaning methods will be used, including our Texatherm carpet cleaning system to bring any carpets back to life.

As soon as  Super Clean Bristol have given the property a bit of TLC, and it’s cleaned and cleared of any hazards, safe access is possible for the landlord/client and any required tradespeople to re-enter the property and carry out any other required repairs; allowing for reletting and a Super Clean start!

What are the impacts of void properties?

It would be easy to forget the implications of having these properties void and empty for a sustained period. There is a lot of wasted time, energy and money that goes in to ironically, having an empty property. If a property is left empty for an unnecessary stretch then you have either a landlord or council who isn’t getting any rent or a council/housing association with someone who needs a new home where there is limited supply. Either way, getting the property back up together is beneficial for all involved.

At Super Clean Bristol, we are all too aware of the impacts that void properties are having across the sector. Bristol is known for its’ increasing amount of void properties, with high numbers of squatters, and soaring housing demand coupled with low supply. To have your void property cleaned get in touch!

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