Upholstery Cleaning

Whatever your type of business or your type of home, you could benefit from upholstery cleaning. It’s well worth considering the condition of your upholstery for a number of reasons;

  • Dazzling First Impressions – nothing says welcome like nice clean furniture that your clients and friends feel thay can relax on.
  • Product Durability – tired of changing your furniture every few years? Well don’t, have us give it a new lease of life and bring it back to its former beauty.
  • Stains – remove stains of all kinds including really tough ones like chewing gum.
  • Hygiene – Our upholstery cleaning system has the technology that can neutralise bacteria and rid your upholstery of dangerous germs.
  • Fragrance – there is nothing worse than a smelly old couch or mattress! Rid your furniture of that ‘old smell’ and be remembered for the right reasons.