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Upholstery Cleaning Bristol

Whatever the type of business you have or run,  we would hedge our bets on upholstery cleaning being the last thing on your mind. Whilst it might seem unimportant, it’s more crucial than you might think. It’s well worth considering the condition of your upholstery for a number of reasons. It has a number of key advantages.


Upholstery Cleaning Creates Dazzling First Impressions

When your biggest aim is to please your customers, potential clients and also to keep your existing staff happy; it’s well known that first impressions count for a lot. Would you sit down to eat in a restaurant where you can see that the kitchen is filthy? The same applies to an office. You might be entertaining new clients, what will their first impression be if they walk in and you have stained chairs for them to sit on. The same applies to hotels, what do guests think if the hotel lobby furniture is stained, or they walk into their room and the mattress is marked.

Furniture that sees high usage, much like carpets, will naturally become stained and look shadowed over a period of time. It’s our job at Super Clean Bristol to keep it all clean, looking spick and span, and ready for those clients/customers to roll in and be comfortable. The last thing you want is a bad reputation for cleanliness.

Upholstery Cleaning Increases Product Durability

Why would you keep replacing chairs, furniture, and mattresses if you don’t need to? You can increase the products’ lifespan and therefore save money on buying new items regularly. Upholstery cleaning can bring your furniture back to almost new condition if treated at periodic or recommended intervals, or even as and when the inevitable accidents happen. It will keep your products looking (and smelling!) fresher for longer and leaves you to spend saved money on more dynamic areas of your business. If you maintain your furniture, it will last longer.

Upholstery Cleaning Benefits Hygiene

We don’t think anyone wants to work or sleep in an unhealthy environment. A clean office can help to increase productivity and the general atmosphere in the workplace. Germs and bacteria are becoming harder to fight as I’m sure you’ve seen in publicity, so minimising these in a workplace or venue should be a priority. Especially if your business allows furry friends. A healthy environment is a happy environment, after all.

Upholstery Cleaning Bristol

So why us?

Using our upholstery cleaning service, our Texatherm System will sanitise your furniture and upholstery, neutralise any odors and remove any trapped dirt; having it looking almost new in no time at all. No, really; it dries in 30 minutes meaning that we can carry out cleaning with minimal disruption to you. We can also clean your carpets at the same time!

At Super Clean bristol we also offer all kinds of other commercial cleaning solutions for all of your business needs. Just give us a call on 07487 274 111 or drop us an email at info@supercleanbristol.co.uk for a free quote or demonstration.


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