The New Normal…

We are entering a period of transition and change in our every day lives in almost every aspect. We are entering a new phase of life which has been dubbed ‘The New Normal’. But how are we going to embrace this new normal and manage the changes imposed on us? We are going to look at the impacts in terms of everyday hygiene in the work place.

What does this ‘New Normal’ entail?

Well in plain terms, it means that we are having to change the way we live our every day lives. The post lock down era is a bit daunting for everyone. Probably even more so for those who are returning to work after several months of either working from home or having been furloughed. It’s natural for employees and colleagues to question the general levels of hygiene in their workplace. Questions such as the following are likely to be common place. How do I know it’s safe to be in here? What are the protocols for ensuring that areas like light switches, keyboards, toilets etc are all safe to use?

What does this new normal mean for Super Clean Bristol and how has lockdown affected us?

It has meant that we have received a huge increase in work place cleaning requests. This includes fogging, touch point and deep cleaning to ensure that workplaces are safe to be used on a daily basis. We’ve also seen an increase in requests from Lettings Agents and Landlords as well. Some landlords/agents like to have the assurance that all remnants of previous tenants have been removed and the premises is therefore safe for the new ones – which really can only be achieved using the fogging method.

What is touchpoint cleaning?

‘Touch points’ are the most regularly used (or touched) items in the office. These range from light switches, desk chairs, handles, computer screens and keyboards and so on. Then there’s the toilets! Toilet flushes, taps, brushes, door handles and so on. It is absolutely vital that these key areas are cleaned regularly by the people using them given the ongoing pandemic. For peace of mind however it is also useful for a cleaning company to attend once a day to fully sanitise all touch points and areas of high usage. This leaves employers as well as employees comfort in the knowledge that when they come in to work in the morning, their workplace is clean and more importantly safe to be in.

How can we help?

We can help in a number of different ways. We offer a complete deep cleaning + fogging service which can be completed periodically i.e. weekly to ensure that the premises are fully sanitised regularly. We can also do daily touchpoint cleaning to cover the areas which are most used within an office.  All of our staff are trained to meet our high standards and will of course follow government guidelines with regards to social distancing, if others are present on site during cleaning.

Please give Super Clean Bristol a call on 07487 274111 or email us on info@supercleanbristol.co.uk to book in your regular touch point cleaning, deep clean and/or fogging.

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