Sustainable Business Practices at Super Clean Bristol

There are a number of ways in which Super Clean Bristol make efforts to ensure that our processes are as ethical and sustainable as they can be. We try to do this whilst delivering the best product to our client. As a small business, the odds are stacked against us in becoming sustainable, we have to manage and work this out for ourselves. Therefore, we must be passionate about it in order to implement it.

Sustainable Travel

Firstly, and possibly most importantly is that we actively encourage ‘green behavior’ within the company. This includes vehicle sharing, cycling to work, using public transport or simply just walking where possible. We minimise the use of vehicles by picking each other up before jobs and dropping our staff home when convenient.

Sustainable Waste Disposal

We also don’t just ‘dump and run’ on either waste clearance or cleaning jobs. When we get to the dump we take the time to sift through all waste materials and make sure that anything which can be recycled in Bristol, is recycled properly. Bristol is the number one city in England for recycling – more recyclable waste gets treated correctly here than out of any other of the eight core cities. It also helps that Bristol City Council accept more types of waste in recycling than most other areas. We consistently do our best to make the most of this and as a result, recycling is part of our day to day operations.

Disposables with Sustainability in Mind

Unfortunately, producing some waste is inevitable within a company which uses a number of disposable products on a day to day basis. If we were to cut out disposable products altogether, we would compromise on cleanliness and best practice. What we are doing to try and be sustainable as possible is;

  • Use of large wholesale-sized containers and refillable bottles help us to minimise the use of single-use plastic bottles and sprays.
  • Keeping good stock levels of products. This means no unnecessary trips or deliveries which would add to the fumes and congestion in Bristol.
  • We also have colour-coded reusable cloths which we have laundered locally. They can be laundered up to 10 times before we need to replace them, significantly cutting down on waste.
  • Any disposable cloths used are ‘Envirowipe Cloths’ which are made from 100% natural material and therefore 100% compostable.

Other Sustainable Practices

We are paperless. All of our invoices are electronic, and all of our communications are online or by telephone, email or text. This means no waste of paper and no use of the post. Also, we don’t have an official office as everyone either works from home or is on the move. Therefore, we don’t have the carbon footprint that comes with having an office space. Such as heating, lighting and commuting to work.

Bristol is an environmental pioneer. As a population, we are encouraged to change and develop the way in which we work and live to reduce emissions and waste. As a city, we are working towards becoming the first with zero waste. At Super Clean Bristol we are doing our best to work alongside this to ultimately achieve the closest we can get to it! For further information on sustainability in Bristol, follow this link.

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