Super Clean Bristol’s Review of Mrs. Hinche’s Must Haves

It seems to be about once every ten years a new cleaning goddess will arrive to teach the nation how to scrub. Last time it was Kim and Aggie sorting out hoarders, this time around it is the glamorous Mrs. Hinch. And are we ever grateful to these fabulous cleaning icons for making cleaning cool again!

We have looked into some of the tips and products recommended by Mrs. Hinch and tested them out in a commercial setting. Here we have six items from Mrs. Hinche’s Must Haves and how they faired when put to the test.


Zoflora is a product that in fact we have been using for years. We love it and agree with Mrs. Hinch on this one! We dilute it in water, don a pair of gloves and use it to scrub away grime from all sorts of surfaces. Such as skirting boards, window frames and floors. Our clients love to come in to a property that smells amazing and is disinfected.


Viakal is a product which we used to use when we did domestic cleaning before we moved to commercial cleaning only. We found it to be very effective on limescale. Viakal comes in a spray and a straight liquid. Compared to some of the commercial products available it is very good actually. The only sticking point would be the price compared to bulk commercial cleaning products available. So again, we agree with Mrs. Hinch on this one. Viakal is definitely a good product to use around the home!

Bicarbonate of Soda

Bicarbonate of Soda is one of our old favorites. Known to have fantastic cleaning properties when mixed with white vinegar. Before we started cleaning commercially, we used to use a combination of bicarb and white wine vinegar to clean ovens. This is a good natural way to clean your oven. It does, however, require a lot of elbow grease! Unfortunately, we do not clean oven this way anymore due to the sheer volume we clean. But to do at home yes, Mrs. Hinch really does know her stuff!

Stardrops White Vinegar

White wine vinegar is another one of those products that have multiple uses. And Stardrops have put it into a convenient spray bottle. We used to use this product to clean windows and ovens. But unfortunately, the smell is not that appealing! So, on this one, Mrs. Hinch, although it is a wonderful natural cleaning product. We wouldn’t have any customers if we left every property stinking of vinegar.

Toilet Bleach Harpic Active Fresh Pine

Although this product smells wonderful and does a good job, we much prefer Harpic Power Plus. We have found that when we encounter a build-up of limescale dropping one of these tablets or squirting some gel seems to do the trick! Bleach doesn’t combat limescale and most people use bleach only which leads to a nasty accumulation of limescale. Especially in Bristol where we have very hard water.

Electric Brush Cleaner with Detachable Head

Mrs. Hinch is onto something here. But rather than using a little dainty scrubber we use a big powerful drill with detachable brushes.  This is a sure-fire way to ensure we pack a punch when getting into grout on bathroom tiles. Mrs. Hinch knows her stuff, just we need to upscale it slightly for commercial cleaning.

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