Professional Oven Cleaning

We are transforming ovens all across Bristol with professional oven cleaning! As the focal point of the kitchen and a staple requirement for good home cooking the average British oven takes quite a battering. And lets be honest, there is nothing worse than a smoky and smelly oven. Fear not, let us tackle the burned on grime and give your oven an new lease of life!

What’s Involved in Professional Oven Cleaning?

You needn’t lift a finger. Just let one of our oven technicians tackle your beastly oven.

  • Remove and clean the racks
  • Dismantle and clean the oven door inside, in-between and out
  • Take out and clean any panelling
  • Clean the inside of the oven
  • Reassemble the oven
  • Polish and clean glass
  • Tidy up leaving no trace we were ever here… apart from now your oven is fantastically clean

Oven Aftercare

Depending on how often you use your oven, and what for will dictate how grubby the little trooper will get. If you do a lot of home cooking and would like to try and keep your oven nice and clean you could try following these simple tips;

  • When cooking a dish that is likely to drip or bubble over such as a lasagne put the dish onto a baking tray to catch any food that could get burned onto the oven.
  • Consider buying a silicone mat that sits on the bottom of the oven to protect it from drips and burned food.
  • When your hovering your kitchen just open the oven door and run the detailing attachment over the bottom of the oven. This should suck up any debris that can get burned on or cause smoke.
  • After cooking a greasy meal, such as a Sunday roast, once your oven has cooled down just give it a wipe over with a hot soapy cloth. This will remove any fat and grease which is often the cause of smelly smoking ovens.
  • Don’t let it get too bad before you call us back in! If you haven’t managed to take care of your oven as well as you wished you had then call us back in. We can get your oven nice and clean again in no time.

If you would like your oven transformed then get in touch with us today to book in your appointment. Your oven will thank you!