Preparing For Your End Of Tenancy Clean

Hiring a professional cleaning company to complete your end of tenancy clean has a number of benefits, the most important of which is that it should make your move much less stressful as it’ll save you having to spend hours doing it yourselves!

Why Hire Professional Cleaners?

Most tenancy agreements will have clauses which include having to have professional clean completed before you return your keys. Whilst you might think this is unnecessary, it does help to ensure that you gain the majority of your deposit back. We will provide you with an invoice which will prove that you have carried out your obligation. At Super Clean Bristol, if the checkout clerk finds any areas which they feel require additional cleaning, although rare, we will always pop back and sort these areas, free of charge of course.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Preparation Tips

  • First and foremost, we do need you to have moved out already and the property to be as empty. We aren’t able to clean fully if there are still people, pets, personal belongings etc in the property. Whilst we will happily clean around, under, on top of and inside furniture if there are still clothes in wardrobes and utensils in kitchen cupboards this makes it harder to fully clean these areas.
  • We do need to be the ‘last team in’ if you are having decorating or maintenance works carried out. Otherwise due to the other trades coming and going our hard work acheieving the ‘like new’ clean will be compramised. This one really is vital for the best results possible.
  • It’s also really helpful if you have already defrosted your fridge and freezer by switching it off. Defrosting can take some time and often the duration of an end of tenancy clean doesn’t allow for this. Whereas if you have defrosted it first, we can then give it a proper good super clean!
  • Please double check that you have removed all of your valuables from inside and under furniture. If we find bits and bobs in drawers, we won’t know the potential significance of these items and they’ll often be thrown away. Although we will always try and check with you first.
  • If we are carrying out carpet cleaning remove as much furniture as possible such as chests of draws. This will help us to optimise the level of cleaning. With our new Texatherm carpet cleaning system, we can tackle any type of carpet and it’ll be clean, sanitised and dry before you know it . For more information about carpet cleaning you can look on our webpage and blog.

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