It’s the most wonderful time of the y….. only joking!

We’ve already got a full blog article about the importance of having your student house professionally cleaned. Whether you be a landlord, agent or tenant moving out. We just wanted to summarise a few key points about why it is so important, as a refresher for you.

  • It helps to minimise deposit disputes with tenants/landlords within a student house. This is because we are a third party company and will provide a detailed invoice.
  • Proof of an invoice means proof of cleaning, which can be stated in both the check in and check out inventories.
  • It helps to minimise conflict between housemates and leaves no room for ‘he said, she said’ issues. For example if one housemate was tasked with cleaning the oven, but didn’t bother, the whole group could be held liable for this cost. But not if you pay the professionals as we would clean the oven to the highest possible standard if requested/needed.
  • Having a student house cleaned professionally leaves the tenants able to enjoy their final few days at home. Rather than having to cram-clean.
  • If you are an agent or landlord, we can cover multiple units of accommodation, or whole blocks of flats if needed. Keeping everything (literally) under one roof, with one contractor.
  • As an agent or landlord, you have the peace of mind knowing that the student house is ready to move in to.
  • If for any reason we do miss anything, we will be more than happy to pop back completely free of charge to rectify the issue.

Please call Super Clean Bristol today on 07487274111 to get your quote and book in your clean. For ultimate peace of mind when moving home, which can be stressful at the best of times! 

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