Infection Control + Bio Hazard Cleaning

We are now able to offer a full infection control, bio hazard fogging service. In light of recent times with the unprecedented spread of Covid-19, infection control has become paramount. We felt it was necessary for us to take some steps to be able to keep up with demand for services.

Fogging is when tiny droplets of specific biocides which spread for a period after application. It ensures that areas which can’t always be reached conventionally can be treated thoroughly and without fail. We’ve invested in a high quality machine allowing us to keep up with the times and offer a service which has never been more needed. Infection control is so important at the moment and we are happy to be able to offer this to our clients and customers. We have received extensive training and will follow all recommended safety measures. Please find our certificate of training below.

We’re using a product called Formula 429. It kills a huge amount of viruses, bacteria and yeasts and can be used up to a log kill of 6. Formula 429 is NHS approved. The disinfectant increases infection control, and reduces the spread of Sepsis and other deadly viruses worldwide. It’s known to be 99.99999% effective.

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