Happy 2nd Birthday Super Clean Bristol Ltd – The Lessons Learned

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This August we are celebrating our second year in business. Happy birthday to us! It has been a hell of a journey full of peaks and troughs. Let’s review some of the lessons learned that we believe have contributed to our success.

Staffing is Key

Over the past two years like any business, we have done our fair share of hiring, training, and development. One thing we have found is that some times no matter how hard you try to make the workplace enjoyable and positive there are some people who won’t appreciate it. Instead of letting this have a negative effect on how we treat all of our staff we have learned to take it on the chin. We still pay our staff the living wage or above and offer them the opportunity to develop professionally with qualifications and promotions. We also give them the chance to join in charitable events which we pay for. We have found that when you find good employees, they really do appreciate it and it makes all of the difference to us and our business.

Remain Flexible

With any business when you first start out any job is a godsend. But once established you may find that whatever you thought you’d be doing now you’re not. When we first started the business, we thought we would be doing domestic cleaning, after the first year we quickly realised this was not actually our niche at all and quickly moved into commercial, carpet cleaning, void, and end of tenancy. It is the ability to be flexible and open to new opportunities to which we can attribute much of our success. If we had pigeon-holed ourselves from the get-go, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Customer Relations

Everyone has to navigate the learning curve thought out their business journey. But one thing we had right off the bat is our honest and friendly relationship with our clients. It has been the backbone of our company, knowing how to communicate with our clientele. Of course, no one is perfect, but being open and honest with customers is a great place to start. Also knowing how and when to have a laugh with your clients whilst remaining within the professional boundaries has gone a long way in establish positive working relationships.  

Be Resilient

If you meet someone in business who can’t recall a time they felt they had reach rock bottom, they are probably not being honest with you! The ups and downs of business are what makes it exciting and rewarding, but can also cause the ones responsible quite a lot of stress. We have found by being resilient and innovative we have managed to pull through the lulls which gives us extra cause to celebrate the successes. Instead of wallowing or complaining when the going gets tough, we use our energy for positive gains. By not giving up, putting our heads together to plan our next moves and getting creative we have achieved the dream. A successful business that we are extremely proud of.

If you want help moving your business in the right direction, we can recommend the following;

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