Five Tips for Choosing Your Student Accommodation in Bristol

Five Tips for Choosing a Your Student Accommodation in Bristol

You could compare letting to cleaning, a lot of people are doing it but not many people are doing it well. This is the golden combination, where the capabilities of two young businesses who are doing it well make a powerful and efficient alliance. Having worked with Temple Homes throughout the last two student seasons we have been though a lot together. From astonishingly speedy turn-arounds on end of tenancy cleans to deep cleans in trashed houses. Whatever it has been we’ve worked collectively and come out the other side with compounded esteem for one another. Maybe it’s their transparency, reliability and flexibility which makes this young enterprise such a joy to collaborate with. With qualities such as these it’s no wonder that Temple Homes are turning the more traditional approach to letting on its head and taking the Bristol housing scene by storm.

Student lets in Bristol are at an all time high thanks to our two main universities, University of the West of England (UWE) and Bristol University. Thousands of students’ flock to Bristol every year on a national and international scale to embark on their educational quest. If we have seen one thing all of these students have in common whether their doing a foundation year in Psychology or a master’s degree in Biochemistry it is the similarity between their accommodation and the issues that don’t discriminate between them. Luckily Temple Homes have helped us put together a list of five tips for choosing your student accommodation this academic year.


Five Tips for Choosing a Your Student Accommodation in Bristol

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