Five Festive Cleaning Hacks so You Can Put Your Feet Up this Christmas

christmas cleaning hacks

Use a silicone mat in the bottom of your oven or if you don’t want to buy one, use foil. This way when all the grease from your Christmas meal inevitably spills over you have a foolproof way of collecting it and disposing of it without spending hours scrubbing the oven.

Have a cardboard box at the ready! Make sure that all the wrapping paper goes straight into the bin and then just pop it out for the recycling collection. You can turn this into a fun game of balling up the wrapping paper and aiming for the box, prizes could be chocolates from the tree.

Line your fridge with greaseproof paper. This is another trick that you can use to minimise having to do a deep clean after everyone has gone. At Christmas, there is never enough space in the fridge and everything is crammed in causing spillages. If you line your fridge shelves with greaseproof before it all kicks off all you need to do is whip them out after everything’s gone back to normal and ta-da, a clean fridge.

Water your Christmas tree to prevent needle droppage. At Christmas the heating is on, your tree is drying out and you’re frantically rushing about. But don’t forget to water your Christmas tree or you’ll have another problem on your hands. A Christmas tree that looks scraggly by the time everyone gets to see it. We can’t be having that!

Get the cleaners in! If you are having a big party and you know that cleaning up the next day, probably with a hangover, isn’t on your to-do list then spare the cash and make your life easier. What’s money compared to more time to spend with family and friends rather than wasting your holidays cleaning up.

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