Commercial Carpet Cleaning and the pro’s… because there aren’t any cons

Commercial carpet cleaning bristol

Not only does Super Clean Bristol cover domestic carpet cleaning using our Texatherm System, we also offer carpet cleaning on a much bigger scale, too. We can drastically improve and maintain almost every carpet. With reasonable prices costed on spec you know exactly what you’ll be paying with no hidden costs.

What does commercial carpet cleaning cover?

Commercial cleaning covers carpets which are found in usually places of business or where the public pay to stay. For example office buildings, industrial units, hotels, communal areas in blocks of flats… well pretty much anything that has a carpet which isn’t a residential property. Commercial carpet cleaning is usually in buildings which are larger and a company or person manages their upkeep or is on a maintenance contract.

What machines do we use?

Our Texatherm machine is capable of cleaning carpets to a larger extent than someone’s home. With the Texatherm System’s 30 minute drying time and high-spec results, we can work around your commitments to have your carpets cleaned within a timeframe that works for you.

What are the benefits?

Commercial carpet cleaning also focuses on hygiene, rather than just appearance. We carefully, quickly but thoroughly work on removing any grime, spillages, stains and germs out of carpets. This not only ensures that your carpets are not only visually pleasing but also genuinely cleaner. At Super Clean Bristol, we will do our best to help your carpets get back to their best, and as close to their original colour and condition as they can be.

How will it work for me or my business?

As above, if you say, have a hotel or B&B – the chances are that your guests may not be best pleased if their room has soiled carpet. This type of property tends to have areas of high wear and staining in very specific areas. If there are visible stains, this may lead guests to feel that the room is unclean in other ways. Of course, there will be stains that aren’t always removable – but you can still reassure them the carpets are at least definitely clean.

Or, for example in an office building – we know from experience working in offices in the past that germs travel fast. Carpets which are cleaned regularly will lead to a healthier and more professional workplace, and ultimately happier staff and clients. We also offer contracted office cleaning packages, so on a periodic basis, we could include a carpet clean as part of the contract too.

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