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Why Invest in Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

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Why are my Carpets so Dirty?

Carpets, especially in an area of high foot traffic, are ground in with dirt from the outside world. Typically carpets consist of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile usually consists of twisted tufts which are often heat-treated to maintain their structure. Additionally, an underlay may well be used before carpets are installed. This results in several layers of various material which act as a trap for all kinds of debris. You could imagine your carpet like a filter which is collecting pollutants and harmful bacteria. You wouldn’t go without washing your clothes or bedding, so why wouldn’t you clean your carpet?

What’s Wrong with Just Vacuuming?

Have you ever been relaxing in your place of work or home and a stream of sunlight is pouring through the window, only to reveal dust particles floating in the air? This is a prime example of how vacuuming is not as thorough as you may think, allowing trapped particles to become airborne and create an unsanitary environment. Yes, vacuuming is a great way to remove surface-level debris and dirt, but this is merely superficial cleaning. The kinds of particles that will be trapped within the pile and below are commonly;

  • General grime and dirt
  • Bacteria from food spills
  • Human body fluids
  • Pet and human hair
  • Skin cells
  • Dust mites and their carcasses

Why do I Need to Remove the Trapped Dirt?

If your business depends on serving the needs of clients the last thing you want is for them to view your business as unsanitary. Those with allergies will really suffer in an environment which is prone to harboring particles, this can cause a reaction. These clients and guests will know immediately when the are in an environment such as this as they start exhibiting signs of an allergy. This may be couhging, sneezing, itching, watering eyes, and skin inflammation.

Furthermore, carpets that endure a lot of footfall can really suffer and reflect negatively on first impressions of your business. They may become sticky, smelly and maintain a shadow of dirt which follows the natural paths that people take. This does not indicate a functional and professional business to those that visit. You don’t want to be the butt of the joke ‘we had to wipe our feet on the way out’.

How Will Having Our Carpets Cleaned Save Us Money in the Long Term?

Like with anything in life, if you maintain it, it will last longer. Think of having an MOT for your carpet. By doing this you are able to detect and rectify any issues your carpet is having before the issue becomes so big you need to replace it altogether. Especially in a commercial environment, this can be particularly costly. When we clean your carpets using the professional commercial carpet cleaning Texatherm System we will sanitise the carpet, neutralise odors and remove trapped dirt. Also, it will be dry in just 30 minutes.

In addition to the fantastic commercial carpet cleaning, another benefit is the up-close detailed inspection process that naturally takes place. We move items that may not have been moved for quite some time and will notify you if any signs of moth infestations, de-threading, patching etcetera. We can also advise on carpet repair systems which we are about to launch in 2020. This way you can ensure that your carpet is at its best and maintained sufficiently.  

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We are offering free demonstrations to all current and new clients so you can see the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning for yourself. You can book your free demo with us via our contact form or directly on or 07487 274 111.

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