Clinically Clean – Colour Coding for CQC Audits

So, what can be considered as ‘Clinically clean’ and how is this regulated?

Most medical practices and anything that needs to be determined as ‘Clinically Clean’ will be governed by something called the Care Quality Commission, which is the governing body for cleanliness in doctors surgeries, hospitals, any medical practice etc, and there are very strict rules which have to be abided by on this front.

At Super Clean Bristol we are Care Quality Commission (CQC) aware, which means that we can cater to almost any required level of cleanliness. By being aware of the required standards it means that we are able to clean and pass audits which doctors’ surgeries etc, as above who are subjected to frequent inspections must undertake, as we know what it takes to meet the standards by which these surgeries and companies are audited. We have cleaned for practices who have subsequently passed numerous audits based on the guidelines provided and which our company abide by as standard.

There are a few key elements to this, the majority of which is covered by colour coding and being sure of what you can use, where, and how often you need to dispose of any cleaning products that you’re using at the time. The key elements are as follows:

Red items: means that the cloth or cleaning product/bottle is in use in a toilet or bathroom, and therefore need to be disposed of regularly, at frequent intervals, and it will need disposing of before you even step out of that bathroom you might be cleaning.

Yellow items: means that the cloth or cleaning product is in use in a clinical environment, such as a hospital, and therefore has to be disposed of in line with strict regulation – at Super Clean Bristol we will prepare and put it in bags ready for collection by the contracted company instructed to do so. These cleaning products have to be disposed of at the end of cleaning each room, each surface, each item to ensure the ultimate level of hygiene; this ensures that patients are treated in the safest and best environment possible in line with regulation.

Green items; which are in use around food, and again must be disposed of correctly (which means very regularly!) along with current regulation which we abide by. These are primarily used in restaurants and paces of food preparation.

These are followed by the areas which are covered by the minimal level of risk, like ‘blue products’ which are used for general levels of cleanliness which you might expect in your average home or at an ‘end of tenancy’ clean, where all dust, grime, debris are removed; these products allows us to remove the most waste with the least impact.

So really it comes down to knowing and trusting your cleaning company to be able to cover and judge as necessary every area of cleaning required, and at Super Clean Bristol we are sure that we can cover that.

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