TV and Film Location Cleaning

Cleaning TV and Film Locations

At Super Clean Bristol we are lucky enough to undertake film and TV locations cleaning. Whilst it might all sound like fun and games, there are quite a few factors to think of when carrying out this kind of work

Non-disclosure agreement

When cleaning for film and TV locations we must commit to a non-disclosure agreement. This means that we’re not able to discuss any part of the film. This including the cast, the crew, any scenes, music or the location. Furthermore sharing any photos or details on social media until after the production has been released and only with permission. Our clients trust us fully which is why we have been cleaning locations since 2017.

Working with other contractors on locations

The hustle and bustle of a film or TV locations set can be an exciting environment to work in. Throw in a few other trades into the mix and you can have a busy situation on your hands. We are used to working around decorators, lighting, props, unit managers, locations managers as well as the crew themselves.
Working with other contractors also means that we are often limited on time. It’s important to have our work completed on time to make way for other teams. We always plan in advance having discussed the schedule with our client, so we know where we need to be and when.

Client relations

Something easily forgotten is that this type of work is often carried out in someone’s home or estate. This means that they are often present and may feel anxious about the goings on in their property. We understand that it is of paramount importance that they feel cared for and listened to. We make light work clearing up after the cast and crew. We’re happy to liaise with the site owner or manager to find out their needs and expectations for us to work to. Our team ensures that they’re completely happy before leaving the site. We are always polite and courteous regardless of who we’re speaking to and are discrete and do our best to minimise our presence.

If you’re in the TV and film locations or production business get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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