Cleaning Student Lets in Bristol

It can be so easy to underestimate the time and effort it takes to clean a home to a ‘professional standard’. This is why end of tenancy cleaning is one of the biggest deposit deductions that you might face; whilst being one of the easiest to solve. You can do this by booking in an end of tenancy clean with Super Clean Bristol prior to your final inspection, or check out.

What do I need to consider when booking a clean?

There are a lot of things to think about when booking a clean, the first of these is that your landlord and agent will expect the property to be returned to them in the condition that they gave it to you. This should be detailed in an inventory provided to you at the start of your tenancy. If the property was cleaned professionally when you moved in, you will need to return it in the same condition. Whilst you don’t have to have this done by professionals, it does need to be just as clean as though this was the case, which is easier said that done.

Why can’t we just do it ourselves?

A lot of student tenancies are on joint and several agreements. This means that you are also responsible for how your housemates leave their bedrooms and other areas. For example, if you allocate one housemate to clean the oven, but it’s not done to a high enough standard then you could be responsible for this too. Or if there is a bathroom which you never used which has not been cleaned, you could also face charges for this. An easy way to avoid this hassle is to hire Super Clean Bristol who will come and whip the house in to shape.

Another thing to think about is how much time you have to clean. It’s probably the last thing on your mind if you have final exams or lots of social events to attend before you leave for Summer, not forgetting time to pack!? To give you an idea, it would take a professional company like us approximately 25 hours to fully clean a 5 bedroom student home including oven and appliances, not including any carpets that need cleaning. We would also suggest that if your landlord had carpets cleaned when you moved in, that you hire a company, rather than a do-it-yourself machine as these can actually cause more harm to the carpet than good.

How do I book a clean?

To book your end of tenancy clean, you will need to contact us via our form or call us on 07487 274 111, and we’ll ask you some questions about the property itself so that we can give you a detailed quote. It’s best to book as far in advance as possible as it’s a very busy time.

You will need to have the property ready to give back to the landlord/agent by the checkout appointment or last day so it’s important that all of your belongings have been removed and that you have all left before we can come in, usually the day before the final inspection.

We also offer a waste clearance service. So if you have any lingering rubbish that needs taking away at the same time, we’ve got this covered too.

What if the landlord asks for proof?

We provide invoices for all work and if for any reason something small has been missed, we are always happy to pop back and sort this free of charge as all of our cleaning is guaranteed.

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