Commercial carpet cleaning bristol

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and the pro’s… because there aren’t any cons

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Not only does Super Clean Bristol cover domestic carpet cleaning using our Texatherm System, we also offer carpet cleaning on a much bigger scale, too. We can drastically improve and maintain almost every carpet. With reasonable prices costed on spec you know exactly what you’ll be paying with no hidden costs. What does commercial carpet […]

void property cleaning bristol

Void Property Cleaning

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What is a Void Property? Super Clean Bristol are experienced in bringing properties on the brink of no return back to life. It’s in void properties that we see and experience some of the most extreme situations we face. A void property is usually one which has become dilapidated and filthy due to misuse due […]

Clinically Clean – Colour Coding for CQC Audits

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So, what can be considered as ‘Clinically clean’ and how is this regulated? Most medical practices and anything that needs to be determined as ‘Clinically Clean’ will be governed by something called the Care Quality Commission, which is the governing body for cleanliness in doctors surgeries, hospitals, any medical practice etc, and there are very […]