Bio-hazard fogging and infection control.. tell me more!

We are now able to offer a full infection control and bio-hazard fogging service. In light of the recent unprecedented times we’re experiencing, with the spread of Covid-19; infection control has become a key aspect of our daily lives more so than ever before.  We felt it was necessary for us to gain some additional training and qualifications. Not only so that we can keep up with demand for our services, but also that we are able to help both domestic and commercial customers wherever we are able to.

What is Bio Hazard Fogging?

Bio-Hazard fogging is a process in which tiny droplets of specific biocides are expelled in to the air. These then spread throughout the area for a period after application. This process enures that all the nooks and crannies which are tough to reach or usually wouldn’t be cleaned, as well as the actual air itself can be treated. Guaranteed to be treated thoroughly and without fail.

At Super Clean Bristol Ltd we have invested in a high quality machine allowing us to keep up with the times and offer a service which, in our opinion has never been more needed. To be able to control the spread of any infection is so important now. More than ever before. We’re really happy to now be able to offer this service to our clients and customers. We have received top quality training and are fully qualified to carry out this work. Following all recommended safety measures is paramount to our and your safety as well.

What are the benefits of bio-hazard fogging and why is it so effective?  

Good question, and there’s a lot of science behind it which we won’t bore you with. We’ll give you a quick run down though.

  • It uses miniscule drops of specific disinfectant (depending on the hazard itself)
  • The droplets can reach almost anywhere (on top, underneath, on the side, inside) objects, where our usual cleaning methods may be unable to reach
  • It’s quick and allows us to cover large areas in minimal time – meaning minimal disruption for you and/or your business
  • We can issue certificates to confirm that you have had treatment carried out to put you/your staff’s minds at rest

What do we use and how do we know it works?

We are using a product called Formula 429. It kills a vast number of viruses, bacteria and yeasts. It’s approved by the NHS and is award winning. Known to kill sepsis, many deadly viruses and has therefore been proven to reduce infection and illness worldwide. It’s used up to Log-kill 6 and is 99.9999% effective in an instant.

Please give Super Clean Bristol a call today for a quote or to discuss potential decontamination and bio-hazard fogging treatments. Contact us on 07487274111 or info@supercleanbristol.co.uk.

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