6 Cleaning Hacks You Won’t Be Using. Ever.

Have you ever scoured the internet for cleaning hacks wishing to make your life that much easier? Only to get sucked into the vortex of crazy cleaning inventions, never to look at a dog the same way again? No? Well you have now…

Here goes…

1  There really is nothing worse than getting soggy feet and dirty shoes from the rain is there? Yes, wearing stupid cocktail looking umbrellas on your shoes. That is worse. A lot worse. Funny cleaning hacks


2  If the humble cloth just isn’t good enough for you then what about a mini vac? To vac up all of your crumbs from eating at your desk you dirty dowg you. Get up and get out of the office.  Funny cleaning hacks


3  Ever wish your mutt would pull its weight around the house? Save your wishes! Microfiber slips have arrived. How many minuets before these are chewed up and were on our way to the vet?Funny cleaning hacks


4  Never mind the pooch, lets get the baby involved. You’ll sleep through the night after this workout kid!Funny cleaning hacks


5  Aaand we’re back to dogs. Has someone been spreading a rumour that dogs like to clean or what? Either way this chafe-worthy design is proud to be the number one way to make your dog hate you.  Funny cleaning hacks


6  Yes, because I actually have a pair of these. Stop, sweep and strike a pose. Don’t try to run up the stairs though. Ouch. Funny cleaning hacks


In conclusion, if any of these hacks appeal to you please seek immediate professional help. Professional cleaning help that is! 

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